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Building A Strong Criminal Defense Against The Charges You Are Facing

The team at Lauren E. Kelley, Attorney at Law, firmly believes that everyone has the right to fair, nonjudgmental legal representation, no matter what they’ve been charged with. If you need help fighting against your criminal charges in Mississippi, don’t hesitate to reach out to our attorney. You can count on her to take on your criminal law needs with confidence.

Committed To Fighting For Your Rights

Without the right attorney at your side, you run the risk of facing serious consequences. It could range from steep fines to years behind bars. Our firm will not back down from a challenge and will do everything we can to fight for the best possible solution. We have the knowledge and experience needed to build a persuasive criminal defense against a variety of misdemeanors and low-level felonies, such as:

These charges must be taken seriously. The mere accusation can have an impact on your reputation, your career and your family. We listen to each client with an open mind, judgment-free. We will provide you with an honest assessment and never leave you in the dark regarding where your case stands. Communication is key. Don’t face these legal charges alone.

Don’t Wait – Call Our Office Today

Call 228-220-1449 today to start building your criminal defense. You can also fill out our contact form. Our attorney can meet with you at her office in Pascagoula or at the jail. We are here to be your strongest advocate when it matters most.