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If You Are Facing Sex Crimes, Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

All criminal charges should be taken seriously, but sex crimes can result in lifelong repercussions if you’re convicted. For example, you could be required to register as a sex offender. This status can limit your job opportunities, ruin your personal relationships and prevent you from moving on with your life. The team at Lauren E. Kelley, Attorney at Law, helps clients throughout Mississippi who find themselves in these situations.

Experienced Representation Matters

Our firm has built a reputation as being a tough advocate for our clients. We will do everything we can to build the strongest possible case in your defense. This means combing through the evidence, talking to necessary witnesses and reading through the police report. We take the time needed to properly fight for those who need it most. We have handled cases of all shapes and sizes, including those involving:

When your future is on the line, having a skilled attorney is crucial. For the representation you deserve, work with a firm that cares about its clients. We give each client the individualized attention they deserve. We can discuss your options and determine how to best move forward. You do not have to face these claims alone.

To Learn How We Can Help, Call Today

When you’re facing serious criminal charges like these, every minute counts. Start building your defense today. Make an appointment at Lauren E. Kelley, Attorney at Law, by calling our office in Pascagoula at 228-220-1449. You can also email us by clicking here.